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Organik Singh

Coconut Sap Sugar, 300g

Coconut Sap Sugar, 300g

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Product description:

"We guarantee that when you use our coconut sugar, your milk, tea, or coffee will not curdle."

Low Glycemic Index (GI): Tested at a GI of 36, our coconut sap sugar is a diabetic-friendly alternative to regular sugar, helping to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Contains inulin, a prebiotic fiber that reduces sugar spikes and keeps the gut happy.

Nutrient-Rich: Coconut sugar retains essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron, which are beneficial for the healthy development of babies. Its natural sweetness provides a source of energy without the harmful effects of refined sugars, making it a wholesome choice for nourishing your baby's growing body.

No Cuddling in Beverages: Enjoy your tea, coffee, milk, or any hot beverage without worrying about curdling. Our coconut sugar ensures a smooth texture in every sip.

Prime Age Sap Harvesting: We harvest sap at the prime age of maturity, ensuring the highest quality and nutrient content.

Traditional Processing Methods: Processed using traditional techniques that control pH levels, our coconut sugar retains essential nutrients without compromising taste or health benefits.

Plant-Based and Vegan: Made purely from coconut sap, our sugar is entirely plant-based and suitable for vegan diets, ensuring a guilt-free sweetening option for everyone.

Versatile: Our coconut sap sugar isn't just a sweetener; it can also replace regular drink mix supplements in milk for kids. Its caramel taste adds a delightful flavor to any beverage


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